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Social Responsibility

enhanced reliability and reduced total cost of ownership
braided conductor and insulating material in wire drillpipes


Our company culture and Norwegian heritage foster an open, tolerant, and supportive environment. We strive to support our people, partners, customers, and the communities we work in.

minimize risk of failure of drilling operations

Our Pillars of Social Responsibility


We embrace diversity and inclusion. Our management team place a high value on building an inclusive environment across race, gender, age, national origin, religion that bring unique perspectives and ideas throughout our team, customers, partners and suppliers.


With several of our projects initially funded by industry and government grants, we recognize the value of open communications with our customers. Reelwell frequently meets to seek feedback to ensure we are exceeding customers’ expectations, not only technically but also aligning with their ESSG priorities and values. 


We retain a neutral stance on political advocacy, memberships, contributions and payments to trade associations.

NORCE Ullrigg rig in Stavanger
Human Rights & Labour Practices

Reelwell is committed to respecting the basic rights of the people we work with and avoiding engagement in any activity that encourages or solicits the abuse of another’s human rights. We request this of our employees, joint venture partners, suppliers, vendors and stakeholders.

Partners & Suppliers

We ask vendors that we engage with to reflect our practices throughout their organisation, implementing due diligence procedures for their own suppliers, subcontractors and other participants to ensure that there are no human rights violations in their supply chain.  

We are dedicated to compliance with laws governing fair competition in all activities, valuing diversity and economic inclusion as elements that are vital for our ability to grow and innovate. We ensure that all vendors, regardless of their size, geography or workplace nationalities, have the same opportunities to compete for the supply of goods and services and all our purchases and sales are predicated on considerations of efficiency, price, quality, service and suitability.

bi-directional telemetry

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