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Focused on reliability

In the past, wired drillpipes typically relied on just one or two wires running through the drill string. This didn't bode well for reliability and led to drilling downtime and high costs.

Knowing this failure point, DualLink was developed with a focus on reliability.

Using a standard drillpipe with a unique conductor layer, DualLink is created with a copper braid made up of 816 individual wires, building a robust structure with greater surface contact. If one wire short-circuits, there's built-in contingency to eliminate the risk of signal loss.

Most realiable wired pipe in the market

Designed for full and easy integration into a rig, the complete DualLink system comprises of:


Surface unit


The surface controller manages, monitors and supplies power downhole, and includes a safety system. The swivel transfers signals and power between downhole and surface.

DualLink wired pipe

The wired drill string can be handled like a regular drillpipe but internally is made up of three critical elements:

A multi-strand braid

  • Power capacity currently 500W

  • Redundancy of electrical path in case of wear / damage



  • Large surface area

  • Field replaceable


  • No repeaters required

  • Communications protocol optimized for the system

DualLink Along-String Package

DualLink's Along-String Measurement tool streams real-time data to the surface unit via the DualLink network. ASM captures valuable insights such as temperature, annular pressure, rotation and three-axis vibration.


Downhole modem / x-over

The interface between standard service company or newly developed BHA tools and the drill string. It is an open platform solution offering any third party BHA and MWD/ LWD tools access to adopt and integrate into the DualLink network.

Well construction and latest technologies
benefits of downhole BHA with data and power

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