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DualPipe Liner Drilling

DualPipe can also be used to enhance steerable liner drilling applications: DualPipe Liner Drilling. 

DualPipe Liner Drilling enables a step change in horizontal reach, compared to conventional drilling and existing liner drilling technology. By enabling increased section lengths for drilling, and completion of horizontal wells, DualPipe Liner Drilling provides a solution for improved hydrocarbon recovery.

Furthermore, DualPipe Liner Drilling has the same features and benefits as DualPipe, as well as the following:

 enhanced drilling automation
high-speed downhole measurements
Save time
revolutionizing drilling capabilities
Improve recovery
challenging drilling conditions
Increase recovery
innovative wired drill pipe service
Reduce cost
Safeguards the Environment
Safeguard the environment

Running the liner while drilling saves time and reduces the operational risk. Longer sections result in time savings of several days for each well section, even in challenging wells. By increasing margins for ECD control, risks are reduced, and efficiency is improved. The enhanced performance will lead to significant savings. 

Extends and improves drainage of marginal fields and flank reserves due to the increased horizontal section lengths. Previously untapped reserves are now accessible without subsea satellite developments as section lengths are longer, compared to conventional technology. 

Increased reservoir exposure and prolongs the life of existing fields and infrastructures by accessing marginal fields and flank reserves. Improves reservoir exposure of the wells will improve production rates.

Reduces the cost and number of platform installations in the field. With the potential for riser less operations it results in fewer casing strings, and a reduction in well costs for deep water applications.

With Extended Reach Drilling capability, distant subsea reserves can be reached from shore, avoiding pollution risks associated with offshore platforms. This removes the need to drill offshore in sensitive areas, or where conventional offshore drilling is costly and hazardous. 

revolutionizing operations with increased visibility
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