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Our history

Like many companies our history has taken us on an exciting and at times unexpected journey.


One enduring feature has been our team who share a passion to develop and bring front-end drilling technology to the market. This is the key to our success, as an idea is just an idea without the time, commitment, knowledge and skill of the people who make it a reality, while keeping their minds open to new possibilities.

Guiding our path has been our mission and vision:


Connecting downhole to the future

Guiding our strategy and decisions, Reelwell is committed to this vision & mission.

Connecting downhole to the future.


Develop well technology and solutions, setting the standard of the future:


  • Provide an open-access, high speed telemetry and power network for drill strings and completions…

  • Provide dual string technology for applications not accessible for conventional drilling.

Our story



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