Reliable, powered, digital drillpipe


Wired pipe technologies have the ability to transform the downhole drilling sector, enabling new revolutionary services and processes never seen before. Industry studies have documented the potential to achieve efficiency gains of 7-15%, resulting in reduced well construction costs and environmental emissions.

Meeting market demands to transform the industry, Reelwell brings you DualLink.


The only wired drillpipe to leverage digital telemetry, power and greater reliability downhole, DualLink has been designed with the needs of both land and offshore drilling in mind.

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Built with redundancy at its core

DualLink has been developed for real-life drilling operations, with an awareness that market perception around wired drill pipe technology has historically required a focus on reliability and cost of service delivery.

To ensure reliability DualLink has undergone extensive testing before commercialisation:

90 runs

6 rigs

294,335 ft drilled cumulatively

2437 hours

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Founded in 2004, Reelwell AS has dedicated over a decade to the development of pioneering technology challenging traditional industry methods.

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