By adapting the fundamental design of the drill string, DualPipe overcomes commonly recognised drilling challenges.  Using DualPipe, it is possible to access reservoirs previously considered challenging or impossible to drill conventionally.
This unique, dual channel configuration allows drilling fluid to be pumped down the outer pipe annulus pipe while taking the returns to surface up the central pipe. 
Dual Drill String closeup BW.jpg

One string,

two pipes,

three results.

Zero ECD

DualPipe controls system pressure to maintain a static gradient in the wellbore while circulating fluid through the bit.

Reduces cost and risk of massive drilling fluid losses

Allows longer sections with narrow pressure windows

Increases pressure margins at greater depths

Enhances wellbore pressure management ability

Cuttings Free Wellbore

DualPipe removes drill cuttings from the wellbore just above the BHA and transports them back to the surface via the inner pipe.

Provides superior hole cleaning in horizontal wells

Eliminates the accumulation of cuttings beds

Enables low energy drilling and reduced drill string fatigue

Reduces risk of stuck pipe, wellbore pack-off and wash-outs

Increased Reservoir Access

DualPipe enables the drilling of long sections while remaining within a narrow pressure window.

Enables precise formation evaluation from drill cuttings

Enables longer sections in reservoir

Reduces number of casing strings required 

Reduces well count and number of surface facilities

DualPipe enables drilling beyond conventional boundaries and increases the overall efficiency of drilling operations.

Access shallow reservoirs.png
Accesses shallow reservoirs
Improves geological insight.png
Improves geological insight
Augments safety.png
Augments safety
Reduces costs.png
Reduces costs
Increases production.png
Increases production
Low energy and small footprint.png
Low energy and small footprint
Saves time.png
Saves time
Asset 530.png
Access extremely challenging or impossible to access reservoirs
Safeguards the Environment.png
Safeguards the environment
Enhances recovery.png
Enhances recovery

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