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One string, two pipes, three results

By adapting the fundamental design of the drill string, DualPipe overcomes commonly recognised drilling challenges. Using DualPipe, it is possible to access reservoirs previously considered challenging or impossible to drill conventionally.

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transform your well construction operations with wired drill pipes


One string
two pipes
three results

The Reelwell DualPipe increases both productivity and recovery by overcoming common drilling challenges.

The unique, dual channel configuration allows drilling fluid to be pumped down the outer pipe annulus pipe while taking the returns to surface up the central pipe. 

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Increased reservoir access
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Cuttings free wellbore
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Zero ECD

Offering superior hole cleaning and ECD control, the DualPipe allows for low energy drilling, i.e. low string RPM and flow rates. 

Furthermore, DualPipe enables operators to drill beyond conventional boundaries, increasing the overall efficiency of drilling operations and reservoir recovery.

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improve well construction safety with Reelwell

Ensure safety

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Access shallow reservoirs

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Better geological insight

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Safeguard environment

connect the downhole to surface with life-time data

Reduce cost

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Access extremely challenging or otherwise impossible to access reservoirs

get more accurate well positioning with better data

DualPipe Technology

The standard drill pipe has been a key component in drilling operations since the 1940’s. Despite its daily use around the world, the core design has not materially changed. 

As the industry is required to drill further in more complex or depleted reservoirs, we are challenged by:

  • Well control or fluid losses related to management of Equivalent Circulating Density [ECD] and limits downhole

  • Washouts, wellbore instability or hole cleaning issues 

  • Increasing Torque & Drag, stuck pipe, lost in hole BHA’s and fishing operations

Read more about how we developed the technology: 

DualPipe Liner Drilling

DualPipe can also be used to enhance steerable liner drilling applications. 

Enabling a step change in horizontal reach this DualPipe Liner Drilling has the same features and benefits as DualPipe, as well as: 

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Save time

Access shallow reservoirs.png

Improve recovery

automate drilling machines with technology

Reduce cost

Improves geological insight.png

Increase production

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Safeguard environment

predict well positioning more accurately

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