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DualLink gives drillers the ability to differentiate in their market.  Giving rig owners the option to add services into the high spec rig design and activities - which results in increased efficiencies for end-users such as service companies and operators.


 downhole tools and automatio in drilling industry

DualLink delivers the ability to drill more consistently, with greater efficiency and wellbore performance; ultimately improving economic return.

  • Better placement: wellbore tortuosity and separation

  • Visibility of downhole drilling dynamic performance & hole cleaning

  • Stronger telemetry: mud/formation agnostic & less downhole pulser failures

  • Improved measurement quality

  • Enables automation efficiencies

  • Shorter, lower cost BHA with longer run duration

  • Remote operations: remove battery handling, tool setup and cost

  • Opportunities to develop new BHA tools and processes

  • Robust design proven on numerous US Land field trials

  • Field replaceable connectors / redundancy built-in via multi-wire copper braid

  • Consistent performance due to reduced downhole equipment failures

Benefits for land operations

Industry data indicates that the introduction of wired pipe technology will lead to:

7 - 15%

High data rate and power offers better visibility to optimize drilling performance whilst reducing unplanned trips due to well placement, hole problems or tool failures.


Finally hard wiring downhole tools to surface will enable further remote operations and automated closed loop drilling, resulting in more consistent well safety, delivery and top tier performance.

Interested in DualLink for offshore operations?

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