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what is the most reliable wired pipe for drilling operations?

One string
Two pipes
Three results

One string: DualPipe drilling system is developed to overcome common drilling challenges. 

Two pipes: The dual-channel configuration is unique, allowing drilling fluid to be pumped down from the annulus, between the concentric pipes in the string, and through the drillbit. An inner pipe valve just above the BHA allows the drilling fluid and cuttings to be returned to the surface at a higher velocity than usual within the central pipe.

Three results: Zero ECD, Cuttings Free Wellbore, and Increased Reservoir Access

get more reliability downhole
multi-strand braid drillpipe with built-in redundancy
eliminate the need for batteries from the Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA)
Zero ECD

The concentric design of DualPipe enables control of system pressure to maintain a static gradient in the wellbore while circulating fluid through the bit. The elimination of ECD-related pressure fluctuations minimises the risks of wellbore instability and massive lost circulation.


DualPipe’s pressure management capability utilises less expensive drilling fluid. Buoyancy effects, using the patented “Heavy Over Light” fluid solution, significantly reduces the torque and drag of the drill string, which further reduces wear and aids the horizontal reach capability. 


Low energy drilling is possible with the pressure gradient in the open hole section held constant and independent of the drilling fluid flow rate. 

  • Reduces cost and risk of massive drilling fluid losses

  • Allows longer sections with narrow pressure windows

  • Increases pressure margins at greater depths

  • Enhances wellbore pressure management ability

Cuttings free wellbore

DualPipe removes drill cuttings from the wellbore just above the BHA and transports them back to the surface via the inner pipe. The result is a clean hole, with minimal flow in the annulus at all times.

The reduction of cuttings build-up in the well, significantly reduces the risk of a stuck pipe. The stable pressure regime and low flow rates, reduce the risk of hole collapse and washouts. 

With cuttings being returned to surface inside the drill string, the need for rotation to support hole cleaning is removed. As a result, DualPipe can operate with low-drill string rotation speeds, which contributes to low energy drilling.  

  • Provides superior hole cleaning in horizontal wells

  • Eliminates the accumulation of cuttings beds

  • Enables low energy drilling and reduced drill string fatigue

  • Reduces risk of stuck pipe, wellbore pack-off and wash-outs

Streamlines your drilling operations with wired pipe technology
Digital drillpipe contribute to a safer and more sustainable drilling enviroment
Increased reservoir access

DualPipe enables operators to drill longer sections while remaining within a narrow pressure window.

In addition to increasing the length of reservoir exposed to production by an individual well, the increased reach opens up the possibility of accessing greater areas of the field from fewer surface locations. 

DualPipe returns all cuttings to surface, thereby reducing the cost of remedial hole conditioning. The cuttings improve the quality of formation evaluation, since damage caused by grinding between pipe and borehole wall is dramatically reduced. 

  • Enables precise formation evaluation from drill cuttings

  • Enables longer sections in reservoir

  • Reduces number of casing strings required 

  • Reduces well count and number of surface facilities

reduce CO2 emissions of drilling job with wired pipes

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