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what are the differences between standard drillpipes and wired drillpipes


wired drillpipe technology with high standards
reduce drilling operations footprint and CO2 emissions with special drilling pipes

Corporate Governance

Our Board of Directors, Management team and employees share an ongoing commitment to high standards of corporate governance and ethical standards.

We hold meetings and reviews regularly each year to audit and document our compliance to local and internal standards.

Wired pipes for well construction

Founded on technology innovations, Reelwell continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in our industry. As we explore options and generate innovative products, we employ Intellectual Property (IP) strategies to safeguard our valuable assets. It is also our policy to respect the proprietary information and rights of others, including, vendors, suppliers, our customers and competitors. 

Code of Business Conduct

Reelwell has a Code of Business Conduct that each employee, manager and board member sign.  The Company’s Code of Conduct is designed to reduce the risks of violations of the various laws and regulations that apply to our Company.  


The Reelwell Code of Business Conduct reaffirms the importance of high standards of business ethics. While the Code of Business Conduct reflects the scope and ownership of our business, it continues the tradition of providing basic guidelines to ensure that the decisions and actions of our employees fit within our Company’s core values and beliefs and setting the general standard by which all employees should assess the propriety of their actions. 

More about our standards

  • The Company is strongly committed to maintaining a safe and secure workplace to ensure the well-being of its employees, visitors, vendors and customers.  To facilitate this, the Company has developed safety and environmental programs and policies. 

  • Our quality management system is certified by DNV to ISO 9001: 2015 standard. 

  • Reelwell operates in line with European and US Trade compliance, including export control laws, international sanctions compliance and anti-corruption regulations. 

accurate data for better and faster decision making
drillpipe technology in Norway

Learn more about our commitment to ESSG

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