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pipe handling & racking
power transmission


We believe in protecting the health and safety of our people, continually aiming for zero incidents and injuries.

We want everyone on our team and those we work with to go home to their families safe and healthy at the end of each day.

DualLink's high-speed telemetry and ability to send power from surface to downhole lead to safer operations. 

digital drilling technologies
high-speed bi-directional telemetry
challenging drilling condition
connects downhole to surface

DualLink™ offers a safer, more reliable wired drill pipe compared to traditional methods. 

penetrating granite down
High-speed digital telemetry enables remote operations

This removes personnel from the “red-zone” on the rig floor and allows further reductions in the required number of personnel on board the rig, accommodation, associated helicopter/boat/truck trips - improving operational safety. 

Connecting downhole to surface with high speed telemetry allows diagnosis of well control “kicks” and hole stability issues sooner, either at the rig site or by expert personnel that can monitor several operations concurrently in remote operational centres, leading to safer operations. 

deliver along-string measurements
Sending power from surface to downhole increases efficiency and mitigates safety risks

Rigsite operations are made safer and more efficient in a number of ways:

  • Ability to configure shorter downhole tools without batteries 

  • Combining pre-made tool assemblies in the workshop

  • Storing tools indefinitely at staging areas closer to the rig and pick tools up directly to the rig floor without needing personnel at the rigsite to load/unload batteries

  • Removes lithium batteries from downhole tools and mitigates safety hazards and costs involved with transporting, storing, manual handling of downhole tools


surface-to-battery-less BHA power transmission
reliability for both telemetry and power transmission

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