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pushing boundaries of conventional drilling practices



help engineers and operators to make informed decisions
data-driven decisions allow for operational success

Environmental Sustainability

We develop and deploy our proprietary technologies to deliver efficiencies that enable our customers to operate in a compliant and envionmentally conscious manner.

In 2019, approximately 30% of Norway's CO2 emissions originated from Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS) petroleum activities. Production related activities using gas-driven turbines accounted for 85% of these NCS emissions, with an additional 6% of NCS emissions output from drilling rigs.

Use of our technologies enables our customers to construct wells more efficiently by shortening drilling times or increasing wellbore production and needing less wells per installation, all reducing the CO2 footprint of customer operations compared to traditional industry methods.

redefine your drilling excellence
opens a new world of possibilities for downhole tools

DualLink™ is a next generation wired drill pipe, delivering high speed data telemetry and power, reliably. Connecting downhole to surface, DualLink™ improves well construction efficiencies and placement in the reservoir, opening a new world of possibilities for the next generation of downhole tools and automation.


DualLink has applications in the hydrocarbon recovery as well as alternative energy infrastructure projects.

enhanced drilling efficiency, improved safety, and better decision-making capabilities
7 - 15% reduction in emissions*

Wired drill pipe technology provides higher data rates from downhole which enables operators to assess conditions and adjust to challenges immediately.

The efficiencies provided by wired drill pipe lead to NPT reduction and an overall improved speed of well construction which leads to a 7% reduction in emissions. 

Additionally, when wired drill pipe is used for Automated Drilling Control, a 15% potential gain in efficiency is achievable.

 advanced drilling technologies
20% increase in total recovery*

During production drilling phases, wired drill pipe can increase total recovery by 20%. 


Use of DualLink to improve the well placement process [either geometrically or by geo-steering] can result in improved production per well, reducing production enhancement emissions over the life of the well and requiring less wells per infrastructure needed for efficient energy recovery.  

real-time downhole monitoring and control systems
Removes need for downhole power sources

DualLink provides the ability to power tools directly from surface, removing the need for battery usage downhole.

Using power from DualLink to remove the need for lithium batteries also reduces the CO2 emissions involved with the specialized transport through the battery lifecycle from extraction, manufacturing, warehousing, logistics out to several drilling rigs and then eventual disposal.  

*source: Rystad Energy

technology in the drilling industry, trends
wired drillpipe built with redundancy at its core
expands the envelope on current drilling methods

DUALPIPE™ employs revolutionary technology that offers superior hole cleaning, improved ECD management and longer laterals drilled into the reservoir. DUALPIPE™ expands the envelope of current drilling methods, ultimately lowering delivery costs and increasing production. 


DualPipe has applications in the hydrocarbon recovery as well as alternative energy infrastructure projects.

deliver clean and optimal drilling results
Improved ECD management

DualPipe's improved ECD management allows wells to be drilled into reservoirs whilst avoiding unplanned or excessive chemical mud loss into the formation.

support your drilling operations with the latest drilling technology
Superior hole cleaning

DualPipe's superior hole cleaning creates larger cuttings that have not been ground down by the drilling assembly which leads to more efficient cuttings processing, removal and disposal.

safe costs, improve safety for well operations
Longer laterals and steerable liner drilling

DualPipe's longer laterals and steerable liner drilling allows for reduced casing strings per well: faster well construction time, less steel materials used, less logistics and less CO2 emissions from the rig. 

solutions to improve drilling operations and reduce costs

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