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Reelwell Drilling Method (RDM) success in the largest drilling project at Ullrigg for 20 years

Reelwell AS

Oct 4, 2018

Together with OMV, Halliburton and the research institute Iris, Reelwell has just completed the largest drilling project at Ullrigg for 20 years.

The project was set up to test the potential of our RDM technology and how it could effectively drill the shallow Wisting field reservoirs whilst minimizing risk. ​ As future wells in the Wisting field in the Barents Sea are only approx. 250m below the seabed, the test consisted of drilling at a very high dog leg build up rate to penetrate the shallow reservoir and circulate at a low flow rate to reduce the equivalent circulating density downhole: necessary to avoid formation damage and get the most production from the Wisting field. Common drilling methods may not be applicable because they create too high pressure but RDM overcomes this and based on initial results, Dag Helge Breivik, drilling manager OMV Norway, told Teknisk Ukeblad - "this technology makes it possible to drill with a significantly lower fluid flow and with lower mechanically transmitted forces than conventional drilling".

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