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Reelwell AS establish a US entity

Reelwell AS

Jul 31, 2018

Reelwell AS have announced the creation of a new US entity and two appointments which strengthen the company, both strategically and commercially, as they launch the latest stage of development of their proprietary technology, DualLink (powered wired drill pipe).

Ian Silvester joins the company as CEO USA, leading the newly established US entity in Houston, Texas. He brings over 22 years’ international experience within the drilling segments of a leading oilfield service company, with prior roles in operations, maintenance, engineering, manufacturing and supply chain. His extensive knowledge of drilling technology challenges and needs, prior to commercialisation, is extremely beneficial as we develop and trial DualLink in both the land and offshore markets. Ian is joined in Houston by Ali Batu who will interface directly with the clients and partners to develop the US Land market for Reelwell. Ali has 36 years’ experience, primarily with an international oilfield service company. His background includes, field operations, management, strategy, interpretation, software development and testing and project management in drilling and integration. These appointments and the creation of a US entity come as the company moves forward with the latter stages of development and testing of the DualLink powered wired drill pipe project with commercialisation planned for 2019. Speaking of his appointment, Mr Silvester said “I’m excited to be joining the company that has developed the DualLink service and built a network of commercial partners. We have the potential to make a step change in the performance of the drilling industry. DualLink powered drill pipe will be a key enabler for automation, novel downhole sensors, closed loop drilling leading to improved drilling performance / reduced costs and a lower environmental impact”. Company Chairman, Jørgen Peter Rasmussen, added “The Board of Reelwell is very pleased to see Ian Silvester joining the company. Ian’s long operational experience in drilling services, rotary steerable equipment, commercialisation of technology into the global drilling arena and his in-depth knowledge of the US land drilling market, makes him a great fit. With this knowledge and expertise, we will aim to build a large US business in the next few years. “We have already seen how much Ian contributes to this company and with the technology now ready, a field operation in a USA shale wells is next. Ian will lead this step of the commercial roll out.”

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