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DualLink technology selected to feature at OG21

Reelwell AS

Nov 4, 2020

Since 2004, Reelwell has collaborated with operators and the wider industry to develop pioneering technologies that offer a step-change in well construction performance and production.

We know the focus on a reliable solution for powered and wired drill pipe has long been a significant challenge for the drilling industry. For Reelwell, it has been important to address these challenges head on.

And we have.

DualLink is a next generation wired drill pipe. The reliability, high speed telemetry and power of DualLink finally connects downhole and surface, enabling the next generation of drilling tool development.

By connecting downhole to surface, DualLink will improve well construction efficiencies and placement in the reservoir, opening a new world of possibilities for the next generation of downhole tools and automation.

With DualLink available and fully commercialized, not only does it mark a new era in downhole and drilling technology, it also provides a cost effective and reliable solution.

Join us at OG21to find out more.


The OG21-forum 2020 takes on three issues within advanced, digital technologies:

  1. What technological leaps are we facing, and what will it require to take full advantage of them?

  2. How can these technologies make the Norwegian petroleum industry more robust and resistant to fluctuations in oil prices and activities?

  3. How should we proceed to develop globally leading technology suppliers, also within this field of technology?

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