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DNO Participates in Reelwell's DualLink Pilot JIP

Reelwell AS

Jul 8, 2019

Reelwell is pleased to announce that DNO has now joined the DualLink Pilot Joint Industry Project. The Norwegian oil and gas operator will contribute with financial support across a two year period to the final stages of development and testing of DualLink, the world’s first drill pipe with power and data.

Currently undergoing qualification and drilling tests in Norway and Texas, DualLink will deliver power and data downhole through a robust copper braid. Enabling high bandwidth logging and a drilling telemetry of 56 kb/s, it will facilitate real time drilling decisions, eliminate the need for batteries and turbines, and improve well control. The open access system is easily adopted and integrates with existing infrastructure, allowing for the normal handling of the drill string. ​ Commenting on DNO’s participation in the JIP, Reelwells’ USA Chief Executive Officer, Ian Silvester said: “We are very pleased to welcome DNO to the JIP as we embark on the final stage of qualification and drilling testing of DualLink: a technology that has the capacity to truly change the industry.” ​ “The industry is now accepting that the digitalisation of drilling is the logical next step towards gaining production efficiencies and improving well control. We have seen massive efficiencies achived in other industries thanks to digitisation, and we are proud to be amongst those spearheading the digital agenda for the the downhole drilling industry by bringing the first drill pipe with power and data to the market.” ​ Production of the DualLink pilot string is currently underway in Norway, and a further pilot well in the USA is planned for 2019. Other Joint Industry Partnership (JIP) members include Equinor, Aker BP and The Research Council of Norway.

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