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Aker BP direct funding for DualLink™ Completions

Reelwell AS

Feb 2, 2022

Reelwell has begun a feasibility project, funded by Aker BP, to adapt the DualLink™ Powered Digital Network for upper completion string, with the ambition to expand into the lower completion.

This could expand the market for Reelwell’s products and services from drilling to completions. In addition, it will be a game-changer for enabling electrification of production wells.

Following a joint concept study in 2021, the feasibility phase will develop and test an “All Electric” upper completions system which will remove control lines and clamps from the outside of the tubing. The targeted benefits will be:

  • Reduction of the HSE risk in the red zone by removing the need for manual handling and reducing the number of personnel required to run intelligent completions

  • Faster running of completions, using automated drill-floor machines. This will in turn reduce the waiting on weather exposure for floating rigs.

  • High-speed digital telemetry and electrical power downhole at any point along the tubing

  • Increased production and recovery with a robust “All Electric” completion providing distributed sensors and downhole flow control

  • Reduction in the cost and risk of P&A operations.

At the end of the project phase, the technology will be reviewed for deployment on the NOAKA field.

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