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Agreement on strategic cooperation with Halliburton

Reelwell AS

Oct 14, 2017

Reelwell AS and Halliburton Energy Services Inc. have signed an agreement on strategic cooperation relating to the development and commercialization of DualLink, a proprietary solution for modifying standard drillpipe to transmit data and electrical power between surface and downhole.

Halliburton will be in a special advisory role for the DualLink development for technical and service aspects, and to ensure business alignment in commercialization. Reelwell and Halliburton also reconfirmed their mutual interest in cooperation of DualLink promotion and marketing, and this agreement is another milestone in the development of strategic cooperation between the two companies. ​ “Reelwell is pleased to expand its ongoing relationship with Halliburton through this agreement, “CEO of Reelwell Geir Egil Olsen said. “Cooperation with Halliburton in this instance would not only ensure satisfactory BHA integration, but also means accelerated introduction of DualLink to the market.” Executive Chairman, Jørgen P Rasmussen said, "There is no doubt that DualLink is a game changing technology, and the involvement from Halliburton will help us commercialize this technology next year. They bring all their resources and experience in testing, qualifying and commercializing technology to the table. This is another excellent alliance for Reelwell."

Click here to read the full article (Norwegian)

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