Reelwell announces commercial sale of two DualLink™ strings to Nabors Industries​

10 March 2021
  • Purchase orders for Reelwell’s commercial DualLink powered & wired drillpipe received from Nabors Industries during Q1 2021

  • Two drillstrings and supporting systems will be manufactured for use onshore in U.S Land 

  • DualLink is the only commercial wired drillpipe to leverage digital telemetry, power and greater reliability downhole

  • The purchase illustrates Nabors’ continued investment in technologies and products that enable the execution of its automation and digital strategies through collaboration with select partners

STAVANGER, Norway, 10 March 2021 – Reelwell AS has accepted purchase orders from Nabors Industries for the delivery of two strings of DualLink for its U.S. land applications.


DualLink is a next generation wired drill pipe, delivering high speed data telemetry and power, reliably. Connecting downhole to surface, DualLink will improve well construction efficiencies and placement in the reservoir, opening a new world of possibilities for the next generation of downhole tools and automation.


The announcement of the commercial order for DualLink follows on from Reelwell’s successful customer demonstration of the technology in September last year. During the demonstration DualLink performed without failure for over 80 hours with 100% uptime reliability of telemetry and power transmission, validating the commercialization of the technology. 


Ian Silvester, CEO of Reelwell USA, said: "The whole team are excited to receive the purchase orders from Nabors for the delivery of two DualLink drillstrings and supporting services. We are confident that the reliability, high speed telemetry and power supplied by DualLink will finally connect surface and downhole, enabling further enhancements to the automation and well construction services offered on Nabors’ rigs. 


“With DualLink, we are enabling the digital drilling technology transformation. The vastly increased bi-directional telemetry speeds enable drillers to optimize the drilling processes by assessing the downhole conditions and adjusting to drilling dysfunctions immediately, reducing unplanned events and trips. Drilling decisions regarding hole cleaning, dynamics, wellbore tortuosity and accurate well placement can all be made instantly with the high- resolution data received, without compromising formation evaluation data quality.


“The ability for DualLink to transmit power from surface to downhole removes the need for batteries downhole, allowing for remote operations and reduced tool configuration at the rig. Longer term, it will enable next generation tool development: shorter, lower cost, more reliable measurement and drilling tools closer to the bit without the need for pulsers or batteries downhole.”   



Subodh Saxena, Sr. Vice President, Nabors Drilling Solutions, said: “We believe DualLink will be an important element in the evolution of integrated drilling solutions. It will reduce overall well-construction costs and will enhance our automated drilling smart apps, generating smoother and more accurate wellbore trajectories, ultimately leading to increased production for our customers.”


“Today’s announcement further illustrates our continued investment in emerging technologies and products that enable the execution of our automation and digital strategies through collaboration with select partners.”


The two full length strings of DualLink are due to be manufactured in Norway, starting in 2021 for use on Nabors rigs in U.S. land applications.



About Reelwell AS

Reelwell AS is a Norwegian company with offices in Stavanger and Houston. Since 2004, Reelwell has collaborated with operators and the wider industry to develop pioneering technologies that offer a step change in well construction performance and production. Backed by leading private equity investor Lime Rock Partners, Nabors Industries, the board, management and employees, Reelwell has received additional support from several Norwegian and International operators, The Research Council of Norway, a major service company, Edge Energy and DP-Master.


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